Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Golden Ticket "Eden" Freebies

We have decided to keep a running list of everything Eden has gotten for free during this trip.  We will be adding to it periodically.  Here it is:
  1. Iceland -- A cup of yogurt at the place we had breakfast. 
  2. Iceland -- After the blue lagoon we took a bus ride home.  While dropping us off at the bus terminal, I disembarked with Eden sleeping in my arms.  Once he saw that she was sleeping, the bus driver told me to get back on the bus and drove only our family 1 km to the apartment we were staying.
  3. Paris -- We arrived late and had checked into the hotel.  We went down to the restaurant for dinner but it was already closed.  Our only option was to order a couple of cheese and meat plates at the bar.  The waitress asked me what Eden was going to eat and I told her some of the meat and cheese.  The waitress went through the kitchen and brought Eden a chicken salad sandwich, a large bowl of fruit, 2 delicious Bonne Maman chocolate mousses, 1 yogurt and cookies for everyone.  
  4. Paris -- Once we arrived to the apartment we were staying Eden needed to use the restroom.  Usually only patrons are allowed but the nice man at the Moroccan restaurant across the street let Eden use his restroom and let us use his wifi to contact the owner of the apartment.  
  5. Paris -- At the Louvre Museum, Eden got us to the front of the line, instead of having to wait over 1 1/2 hours in the sun.  
  6. Paris -- The man at the restaurant we had lunch at after the Lourve kept saying Eden looked like a barbie (?) and gave her a Oasis Juice box.
  7. Paris -- At Sacre Coeur Cathedral Eden needed to go to the restroom.  Before exiting the church I asked the guide where the nearest restrooms was.  He asked me who needed to use it and I said Eden.  He quickly said follow me and had me go behind closed doors that stated "no entry", down a long corridor to a restroom.  Both Danielle and I took advantage of the clean and free facilities.  
  8. Paris -- Walked to a restaurant in the neighborhood we were staying.  One of the owners came over to Eden and gave her a Capri Sun and and Oasis fruit snack.
  9. Paris -- I ordered an espresso and it came with a cookie.  The owner brought one for Eden also.  I would have given her mine.
  10. Amsterdam -- Everyone needed to use the restroom, including Eden.  Asked a restaurant owner if Eden could use the facilities and she let all of us use it without having to purchase anything.
  11. Kinderdijk -- The ice cream man did not charge us for Eden's ice cream cone because she was "cute", even though hers was the same size as everyone else.
  12. Strasbourg -- After a delicious meal I ordered an espresso and the waitress brought an extra cookie for Eden.
  13. Eguisheim -- After we could not find lunch we all got an ice cream cone.  The man charged me for 6 and I corrected him saying 7.  The man waved his hand and said I did not need to pay for the "petite fille", Eden.
  14. Strasbourg -- Last night there we went to eat out and again Eden got a free cookie when they brought me my espresso.
  15. Interlaken -- Waitress thought Eden was cute and charming and ended up giving her free mini cakes 2 times for a total of 6 mini cakes, some to share with her siblings.
  16. Nantes -- Bought some mini luge rides at a cool park.  Once done Eden said aww and started to fuss a little.  The man running the ride gave me 4 more jetons so that Eden and Caleb, Joel, and Danielle could ride again and Eden would not be sad.
  17. Orvieto -- Free gelato for the bella bambina.
  18. Rome -- Free gelato.
I am sure there will be more to come.

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